Monday, March 7, 2011

Shanes in a photo contest

Hey everyone Shane needs your help. He's in a photo contest and he would love to win. You can vote till Friday the 11th. His picture is at the bottom of the list.

Micki Ann Haynes

Micki Ann Haynes Born May 19, 2005.

She is Tonys daughter from another relationship. We get her on the weekends. She is an amazing 5yr old. I have grown to love her.

Mick (as we call her) is in Kindergarten. She enjoys school and is learning a lot. She know the basics counting and her ABC's. We are working with her reading and writing. She loves to play video games, her paper jams, and just watching her favorite shows I Carly and Sponge Bob. Before the winter hit she loved riding her bike and she can't wait for it to warm up so she can get riding it again. Mick loves to help her daddy any chance she gets. She is very tom boyish which is just fine with us. She like to get into the tool box and play with them. We bought her a new bed and she loved helping put it together. On the other hand though she loves to help me cook in the kitchen. Mick loves her baby brother and always wants to help out with him. Well more like take care of him on her own, changing diapers and cloths but she's not quit ready to do it on her own. She is a great big sister though.

Heres some pictures of Micki:

Micki helping make Muddy Buddies

Helping put together her bed

The first two teeth she lost.
Loving the money form the tooth fairy!

Playing with Daddy's tools

Shane William Dale Haynes

Shane William Dale Haynes was born November 22, 2010. He was 8lbs 11oz and 20in. He came a week late and wouldn't drop so I had a C-Section. He was named after his dad and his Paw Paw.

The first two months were not easy. He had a hard time keeping his milk down seemed he would just puke it right back up. After seeing a cpl different doctors and a full day at the hospital doing test. We found out his has a bad case of acid reflex and heart burn. Also his flap over his throat doesn't close. In order for him to hold his food down, we feed him cereal though his bottle. He does a lot better keeping his food down now and he is a happier baby. He lost weight during the cpl of months so he is slowing getting back on track. At 3 months he is at 10lbs 4 oz and 22 inch's.

He is all smiles now and loves to hear the sound of his voice. Shane loves it when he gets all the attention in fact he will start fussing when you ignore him for too long. He can hold his head up when he wants to. He's kind of picky like that lol. He is getting better at holding onto objects. We are wokring on getting him to sit up on his own, roll over and crawl. Its a work in progress as he hates being on his tummy.

Two of Shane's favorite things to do is to watch tv and sing along with daddy when he plays the guitar. Here's some pictures and a video of Shane for you to enjoy. The first is Shane at 1 week old and the 2nd one is of him today.